4 Week Custom Keto Meal Plan (with Online coaching)

4 Week Custom Keto Meal Plan (with Online coaching)

4 Week Custom Keto Meal Plan (with online coaching) includes:

  • 4 week customized keto meal plan 
  • Online coaching (24-7 support via email, text and support via phone*)
  • Your macro counts 
  • Support on how to set up your "Carb Manager" 
  • Guidance along your 4-week journey

After your purchase, you will receive an EMAIL with a brief questionnaire so that I am able to customize your Keto meal plan on what you like! If there is something that you do not like, no problem, I will adjust and give you options so that we can chose something that you do like.

 Coaching- what do you get:

- You will get up to 1 hour of phone time. First call will be to set up your "Carb Manager" app (approximately 30 min- 1 hour phone call) and the other call(s) for follow ups and questions.

- You will be able to text me 24-7 any questions that you may have Monday-Friday 9am-5pm PST.

- I will review any of your daily macros (you can text me screenshots of your "Carb Manager" day/macros every day so that I can check that you are doing it correctly.)

- If you hit a plateau, I change your macros and make adjustments to your plan.

- If you get bored of meals, I create new ones for you.

- Email support- I answer any questions you may have.